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Introduction to the Equipment Section.

This section is currently under construction (Jan 2020).

Supporting Inclusion

The Fellowship supports inclusion by purchasing or supplying specialist bowling aids which allow users to participate in the sport of lawn bowls.

Bowling Aids

The following section provides information on equipment available for sale or sponsored by the SBF.

We are currently researching this topic and would appreciate assistance with products (Eg. as visual aids, stabalising accessories) fellow bowlers currently use. Please email us with your information and comments.

Link to Image of Bowls Lifter Link to Image of Bowls Lifter mechanisim

Description of Bowls Lifter

The Bowls Lifter is designed to facilitate delivery of the bowl near ground level. It is particularly useful for users with balance and hip issues.

This istem may interest clubs with members who have a tendency to launch their bowl and potentially damage the green (Outdoor).

Link to Image of Bowls ramp Link to Image of Bowls ramp in use

Description of Bowls Ramp

The bowls ramp is designed to be used for bowls up to Size 3.

The ramp is 1200mm * 160mm wide.

Link to Image of Bella Seat in use Link to Bella Seat Design

Bella seat Dimentions
Dimension Size
Ditch Width 230mm
Seat Width 380mm
Leg Height 655mm
Leg Diameter 50mm Tubes
Seat Treadplate 3mm
Safe working Load 125kg /20st

Bella Seat

The Bella Bowling Seat is designed to be used with no damage to the surface of the Green whilst enabling the bowler to play and sit in comfort at the Head.

It is constructed of lightweight material, and can be carried by the user from end to end during a game. The base of the Seat fits snugly into the ditch and allows the user to sit in comfort clear of the bank whilst play is in progress.

Guidance on the use of the seat on the green

The Seat can only be placed in the ditch when being used as a “seat”, and must be removed from the rink when not in use.

When facing a “Firing” or “Striking” bowl being delivered, the “seat” must be removed from the ditch and placed beyond the face of the bank.

The dispatch period is 6 weeks from Order date.

Picture of Parahandy Wheelchair

Link to Image of Andy Semple at Northfield Link to Parahandy Leaflet

Link to Image of Parahandy chairs on outdoor green Link to Image of Parahandy buggy components

Description and detail of parahandy Wheelchairs

The basic description is available to view or download on the left section.

The Parahandy can be made to order and normaly takes about 6 weeks before dispatch. Although the recomended weight limit for users is 110Kg /17St , chairs can be strengthened to take users above this limit.

Pictures of Bradshaw Buggies

Link to Image of Bradshaw buggy Link to Image of Bradshaw buggy in use

Link to Image of Bradshaw buggy adjustment Link to Image of Bradshaw at Girvan

Description of Bradshaw Buggies

The Bradshaw Bowls Buggy is not just a wheelchair with wide wheels. It is a purpose-designed machine for playing bowls with maximum efficiency.

The main wheels are very wide and are capable of dissipating over 20 stone or 140 kilos on a soft surface. By setting the wheels under the seat and inside the main frame there is no need to compromise their width because they do not interfere with the bowling action

The Centre of Gravity (CG)position can be moved forward or backward by adjusting the main wheel location forward or backward. This ensures all the weight is always on the large wheels and not on the small ones whatever the persons weight or size.

Setting small wheels at the rear ensures they cannot dig in when the person comes forward to bowl. The Bradshaw Bowls Buggy rocks forward onto the large foot plate and actually lifts the small wheels off the ground!

When leaning forward to rest or to bowl the weight is transferred from the front leaning bar down to the footrest. The footrest has an area much greater than feet and lies flush with the ground. There are no small wheels to dig in. The footrest anchors to the ground so well because of its large area no brakes are needed, not even when firing! Making alignment fuss free.

Pictures of Visual Imairment Aids

Description of Visual Impairment Aids

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